Projekty architektoniczne, którego wykonawca ma za zadanie archiect

Thermal Bath Vals

w Architektura przez Peter Zumthor ()
  wsperiany przez 56 Ethel Baraona Pohl, 14 kwiecień 2009
In 1983 the commune of Vals acquired the bankrupt hotel complex, built in the 1960s, for very little money, but without much enthusiasm. But something had to be done in order to rescue existing jobs....

Miplast works in w Mikołów

w Architektura przez Zalewski Architecture Group ()
  wsperiany przez 1140 zalewskiag, 17 luty 2011
The project includes modernization and expansion of MIPLAST works (plastics processing plant). The project started in 2004 and was initiated by private Investor who took over the company. Till...


w Architektura przez Steven Holl Architects ()
  wsperiany przez 56 Ethel Baraona Pohl, 15 luty 2010
The 220,000 square meter pedestrian-oriented Linked Hybrid complex, sited adjacent to the site of old city wall of Beijing, aims to counter the current privatized urban developments in China by...

Curutchet House

w Architektura przez Le Corbusier ()
  wsperiany przez 596 carolinaqueiroz, 15 grudzień 2009
The Curutchet House, La Plata, Argentina, is one of the two buildings in the Americas by Le Corbusier (the other is the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts in Cambridge, Massachusetts). It was...

Office building FIS-SST in Gliwice

w Architektura przez Zalewski Architecture Group ()
  wsperiany przez 1140 zalewskiag, 17 luty 2011
A project of a modern office building was created for FIS-SST company. The facility is located in the area of "Nowe Gliwice” – the Center of Education and Business. Due to a close...

Bug Dome

w Architektura przez Marco Casagrande ()
  wsperiany przez 663 casagrande, 23 luty 2010
BUG DOME2009 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Biennale of Architecture & Urbanism   The WEAK!   Architects: Hsieh Ying-chun 謝英俊 Marco Casagrande 馬可·卡薩格蘭 Roan Ching-yueh...


w Architektura przez Roldán + Berengué ()
  wsperiany przez 788 Roldán + Berengué, arqts , 21 maj 2010
El edificio se fragmenta en tres cuerpos organizados horizontalmente por la planta baja de República Argentina y en profundidad por los pasillos que van...

Teatro Castro Alves

w Architektura przez José Bina Fonyat Filho ()
wsperiany przez 1024 Manuel Sá , 2 grudzień 2010
O Teatro Castro Alves (TCA) é um teatro brasileiro. É o maior e mais importante centro artístico de Salvador, capital do estado da Bahia, e se localiza no bairro Campo Grande.Compõem o...

Peter D. Lewis Building (Weatherhead School of Management)

w Architektura przez Frank Gehry ()
  wsperiany przez User_profile_mini_square architechnophilia, 22 sierpień 2009
The Peter D. Lewis Building houses the Weatherhead School of Management at the Case Western University campus and was designed by Frank O. Gehry. The exterior of the building is finished in atypical...

800 Yates Atrium Skylight

w Architektura przez StructureCraft Builders ()
  wsperiany przez 1139 StructureCraft , 25 marzec 2011
The central atrium of 800 Yates features a 7,200 sq. ft glass skylight supported by a series of 60 ft. long custom lenticular shaped timber roof trusses, known as Spacelam.  The visual transparency...
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